ServiceLine Testing: A Diversion from Development

Version 1

    Inside the principal couple of days of my temporary position a woman entered the workplace I work in and appeared to be energized by the possibility of an assistant – and in this way I was enlisted into the testing of an item called ServiceNow. ServiceNow is a framework for the revealing and administration of issues, solicitations and so forth inside the college. The segment I was particularly trying was the interface for understudies to report issues, and screen their advance.


    So I touched base at the test suite at 9am and was furnished with a .xlsm document specifying the particular errands I was to gone through close by their normal result. Close by these were two or three sections for me to go into – in particular were the 'Pass/Fail' and 'Real Result' segments.


    The initial couple of undertakings were your regular inquiries assessing the underlying background: 'You can sign in and are taken to the Landing Page' (rather imperative), 'The logo and marking match the University of Southampton marking', 'Choices X, Y and Z are accessible in the route menu' and so forth.


    At that point the more inside and out testing came: There were three primary divisions tickets could be submitted to – Finance, HR and IT. I was given a (practically indistinguishable) rundown of undertakings for each to gone through, endeavoring to submit tickets through every single accessible choice and seeing what might break. There were a few issues all over – by and large everything went easily for the HR segment, however there were a few challenges with the other two. Everything appeared to be fine from the front end, however things were hanging up toward the back (being sat alongside somebody who was observing the framework made examining this fundamentally simpler). I ought to envision this won't be excessively troublesome, making it impossible to cure as the three division's tickets were practically indistinguishable, so in the event that one works fine then it ought to be anything but difficult to contrast with the others to decide the issue.


    There were a couple of different issues display – a periodic dead connection, missing data and the preferences. By and large however, the framework appeared to hold up well – it has things to be settled, obviously, yet that is the entire motivation behind testing it.