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    You’ve been asked to implement a CMDB in ServiceNow. Or, you will soon have to improve the information that is found in your current CMDB.


    There’s no surprise there! Statistically, most CMDB projects fail for many reasons, but the main reason being, lacking a practical approach to implementing a sustainable CMDB. With this book, you will start with the right approach – one that is logical and practical. So, stop chasing the unicorn and finally get on the right track to awaken your operational service management from within, by implementing your trusted CMDB in ServiceNow!


    To help you succeed where others have failed, we have put together this book based on vast experiences in helping many customers achieve their objectives and goals in implementing a sound CMDB. In addition to this book, we have made consolidated and available, all the original diagrams found in this book. This consolidated copy is available on our website as a complementary download. Go to our website or send us an email to get the link to download the diagrams.


    Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is a system, a database schema that holds all the information, inventories and documentation of both logical and physical components glued together allowing you to represent and manage your business services and service offerings.

    The primary use of a CMDB is to help all the other processes become more effective and efficient by providing a consistent set of managed information regarding all service delivery components within your organization, including both your internal and external environments – including cloud services.


    When information regarding the elements is provided by multiple sources, a federated CMDB provides a clear context on all and any services offered which enables greater coordination across your organization. It is important to note that this book is not intended as a replacement to any existing ServiceNow documentation and official ServiceNow Wiki pages. It is intended to be a supplemental source of information provided by the experienced crew at HGCNow Inc., gathered over the last decade.



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