ServiceNow Software Release — Jakarta

Version 6

    A new ServiceNow release – Jakarta – is now available. Jakarta has 7 new applications and more than 30 major enhancements that drive the following:


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    To get a complete view of what’s new, check out the details below.


    Now Platform


    • Intelligent Automation Engine: The ServiceNow Intelligent Automation Engine debuts in Jakarta to bring machine learning to everyday work. It features anomaly detection with Operational Intelligence, comparison against industry peers with Benchmarks, and performance predictions with Advanced Forecasting. The Intelligent Automation Engine also includes automated categorization and routing of tasks with Predictive Modeling, which will be available in a future release.
    • Faster load times for Forms and Lists:  Speed work with up to 30% faster form and list loads.
    • Guided Tour Designer:  Allows instance administrator teams to create page-based tours to speed end-user productivity. Includes role-based tours and tour playback.
    • Instance Security Dashboard: Provides single dashboard showing current compliance status for an instance. Offers administrators an ability to manage awareness, education, configuration, and standards compliance for speedy security remediation.
    • MetricBase: Enables organizations to ingest and process vast volumes of time series data from any source or combination of sources on the Now Platform to accelerate business decisions and actions.



    IT Service Management


    • Benchmarks – New KPIs and Configurability: 10 new KPIs have been added to the 6 KPIs existing from the Istanbul release. Customers get mobile-friendly card views of the KPIs in order to compare and track their performance.  Performance can now also be tracked over time using 6-month trend charts.
    • Guided Setup – Proven Practices:  Accelerate setup and reduce time-to-value with a visual wizard that contains out-of-the-box proven practices gathered from successful implementations from across the ServiceNow customer base.
    • Service Level Management – SLA Timeline: Easily identify the cause of service level agreement (SLA) breaches with a consolidated, color-coded status timeline.
    • Surveys and Assessments – User Experience Enhancements:  Better survey formatting capabilities, role-based surveys, domain separation support and a service portal assessment widget deliver a more personalized user experience and the ability to consolidate assessments and surveys within the Now Platform.
    • Service Catalog – Enhanced Admin Management: Allows customers to setup and execute test cases focused on Catalog Item and Record Producer submissions to enable proactive troubleshooting and smoother upgrades.



    IT Operations Management


    • Discovery – Real-time VMware vCenter Discovery: Provides real-time detection of changes made through vCenter and automatically updates the ServiceNow CMDB to maintain an accurate view of the infrastructure.  
    • Service Mapping – Cloud Service Mapping:  Delivers ability to create and maintain up-to-date business service maps spanning on-site infrastructure, cloud infrastructure, and cloud provider Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) components for comprehensive visibility into modern hybrid applications.
    • Event Management – Predictive Alerts: Utilizes machine learning driven analytics against event information to identify and predict the probable occurrence of future events. Provides IT with forward looking visibility to proactively prevent service outages. 
    • Operational Intelligence:  New application that works in conjunction with Event Management uses machine learning-based anomaly detection with dynamic thresholds to identify infrastructure components operating outside of normal ranges. Enables IT to proactively identify and address issues before they result in outages. 
    • Cloud Management – Cloud User Portal: Provides end users with self-service access to provision, manage and monitor cloud resources while enabling IT to manage costs and enforce consistent policies.
    • Cloud Management – Multi-Cloud Blueprint Designer:  Reduces time-to-market and vendor lock-in by allowing cloud architects to quickly create service catalog offerings for use across multiple cloud environments. 



    IT Business Management


    • Software Asset Management:  New application delivers cost savings and better compliance through automatic allocation and reclamation of software licenses through the combination of catalog, procurement and software installation orchestration in one system of action. 
    • Application Portfolio Management – Capability Map Gap Analyzer: Supports rationalization and optimization of applications using a scoring method based analysis.
    • Application Portfolio Management – Integration with Service Mapping: Creates visibility on actual technology elements powering a specific business service by way of the ServiceNow CMDB. Allows Enterprise Architects to start from an application URL and drill down to the architecture, server and other infrastructure components.
    • Project Portfolio – Worker Portal: Offers one place to view work and record time by showing all planned and unplanned tasks assigned to a user from any application residing on the Now Platform.
    • Project Portfolio – Inter-project Dependencies: Provides options to create ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ dependencies across projects and receive warnings or adjust timing when a project or project task slips a milestone.
    • Project Portfolio – Project Status Portal: Enables combining project status reporting from across multiple portfolios into a single view with simple search and filtering.
    • Project Portfolio – Scoring and Ranking:  Prioritize and rank projects based on financial and performance metrics such as risk, cost, and schedule using an out-of-the-box formula or custom scoring.
    • Financial Reporting:  New application matches service consumption to business units.  Displays historic, current, and forecasted consumption patterns, and provides consoles for financial analyst, service owner, and business owner roles.

    Security Operations


    • Trusted Security Circles:  New application enables Security Analysts to no longer be alone by providing near real-time threat intelligence information about targeted attacks and their potential impact from trusted peers, suppliers and partners.  All sharing is controlled, secure, and anonymous.
    • Additional Third Party Security Product Integrations: Allows easy and rapid implementation of security response workflows using out-of-the-box product integrations with Checkpoint, Crowdstrike Falcon, Carbon Black, HPE ArcSight ESM, HPE ArcSight Logger, McAfee ESM and Recorded Future.

    Governance, Risk and Compliance


    • Vendor Risk Management: New application automates third-party risk assessment, provides true visibility of the overall risk posture, and allows faster onboarding of new vendors.

    Customer Service Management


    • Communities:  New application enhances customer engagement and loyalty by providing every customer a personalized self-service experience, a forum to engage with a community of experts and peers, and an avenue for companies to gain insights.
    • Knowledge Management: Article versioning, subscriptions, and improved search filters speeds resolution and support. These enhancements are not limited to Customer Service Management and benefit all Knowledge Management users.
    • Field Service Management – Time and Skill Management Updates:  Resolve issues faster by optimizing technicians’ schedules and simplifying information collection using a team calendar, dynamic scheduling, and questionnaires.
    • Cost Management – Integration with Cost Transparency:  Offers easy identification of service costs and profitability by product, product version, or product line, or other categories.


    HR Service Delivery


    • New product name:  With the Jakarta release, “HR Service Management” is renamed to ‘HR Service Delivery”.
    • Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions:  New application allows HR to set up and manage onboarding and other employee lifecycle events (off-boarding, relocation, leave of absence, etc.) across multiple departments including IT, Facilities and more. HR can easily create and modify these processes without the need for complex workflow editors or coding. The efficiency of HR and other departments is improved, and employees receive an improved service experience.
    • Assisted Migration: Provides easy migration from the non-scoped HR product delivered in the Fuji, Geneva, Helsinki release to the scoped product first introduced in the Istanbul release. Plugin helps migration of data from the global tables to the scoped tables. Supported functions include content mapping, application of schema changes, data migration, and roles migration.
    • Bulk Case Creation: For situations where HR needs to create the same type of case for multiple employees, such as a payroll run issue, or annual recertification, HR is now able to select a group of employees and create a case for each all at once, saving time and improving efficiency.
    • Personalized PDF and Signed Document:  HR can now create editable personalized PDF forms with an employee’s information already pre-populated and support electronic signatures directly in the PDF, making the process of returning signed forms much easier for both HR and the employee.

    Performance Analytics and Reporting

    • Advanced Forecasting:  Drives better decision-making with predictive trending based on advanced forecasting algorithms.  Matches historical patterns against multiple algorithms to automatically determine the best fit forecast.
    • Interactive Analysis: Provides instant insights by allowing users to launch a graphical analysis from any list.
    • Import from Spreadsheets: Ability to import data from Excel for report creation and analysis.
    • New Report Designer: Guides users through the report creation process to visualize and tweak data to develop meaningful and actionable reports.




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