Q4 2017 Patching Targets

Version 1

    The Quarterly Patching Program (QPP) schedules quarterly patches in intervals throughout the year to make sure instances are up-to-date with the latest security, performance, and availability hot fixes and patches.


    In Q4 2017, ServiceNow will patch instances to the targets shown below. We encourage you to patch earlier to accommodate or prevent any scheduling conflicts.


    For more information and additional resources, please visit our Patching & Upgrades Community.  Specific questions can be sent via your COM record.


    The targets for Q4 2017 are as follows:



    Patch Target Options

    Release Notes


    Helsinki Patch 12 or above



    Istanbul Patch 9 or above



    Jakarta Patch 3 or above



    Unsupported Families:

    • Geneva became unsupported in mid-2017 with the release of Jakarta. Instances on Geneva are scheduled for upgrade beginning September 2017.
    • Helsinki will become unsupported with the planned release of Kingston in late 2017.


    For more information on unsupported releases, please review KB0598977.


    Planned security-only patches: To bring you the latest improvements in security, ServiceNow is releasing a series of security patches in Q4 2017. The applicable target will be reflected in your change (CHG) record. Please visitKB0635379 for more information on security patches.