The Jakarta Release - Q&A from Webinar

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    Please join us for the ServiceNow Jakarta release broadcast. Your host Brian Lall and Shane Jackson, VP of Marketing, will lead in-depth discussions with senior product experts for IT, Security, Customer Service, HR, and the Now Platform. They will demo all 7 new applications and many of the 30 major enhancements in Jakarta.


    Q.  Does this refer to the Express version?

    A. No. These release announcements are not applicable to Express. Please attend the Express-specific Webinar.


    Q.  adding Micro system to Service Maps

    A. If you refer to micro services, then these are not supported in Jakarta, but we're planning on adding such support in the future


    Q.  Do all enhancements also apply to Express?

    A. No. These release announcements are not applicable to Express. Please attend the Express-specific Webinar on July 21.


    Q.  We are having terrible time moving scoped apps in Helsinki to production. Can we expect a better experience with replication/update sets with Jakarta?

    A. Please see the following article for Update Sets info in Jakarta -


    Q.  Any enhancements in GRC?

    A.  We will be talking about our new Vendor Risk Management application within GRC a little bit later in the webcast.


    Q.  In the Jakarta release is Software Asset Management available only at a subscription cost.

    A. Hello Leonard, yes, there is a subscription cost for the new Software Asset Management application in the Jakarta release.


    Q.  What is the upgrade impact on current express configuration or are we going to get a sandpit environment/prod

    A. Current Express configuration will not be impacted by the content covered in the Jakarta release. Please review the Express-specific Webinar.


    Q.  Is Intelligent Automation available for self-hosted instances?

    A. It depends on the functionality that is part of the Intelligent Automation Engine. PA and ITOM related functionality will likely work for self hosted, but Predictive Intelligence, the routing and categorization of tasks requires access to a hosted machine learning training service.


    Q.  Will it be possible to localize the Jakarta release? Have it available in different languages?

    A.  You can see view language support here:


    Q.  what about if there are lot of JavaScript in the page?

    A.  As long as the JavaScript is calling standard platform functionality, you should see the performance improvements.


    Q.  "Now Platform" is this the same thing as the ServiceNow platform?

    A.  Yes it is! We changed the name earlier this year.


    Q.  Jakarta is faster (improved performance) than...? Istanbul?

    A. Performance improvements were tested over multiple previous releases. However the advertised improvements were over Istanbul.


    Q.  In the performance upgrade will this also improve custom table form loads?

    A.  Yes it will.


    Q.  Will Intelligent Incident Routing be released in Kingston?

    A.  This will come in a future release.


    Q.  I'm migrating articles into ServiceNow and there seems to be an undefined limit on the length of the article. I get an "unknown internal error" or I can't Publish.

    A.  We need to understand more about this issue. We typically don't define any limit, so there could be other issues at play. I recommend you open an incident with Support so that we can investigate further.


    Q.  Can the list view be utilized in Automated Testing?

    A.  Yes