Reporting on Visual Task Boards

Version 1

    Most people probably use Visual Task Boards (VTBs) in ServiceNow to help drive conversations about planned work, progress, and current status. The tool is easy to use and flexible to help with those conversations, and you can easily drag and drop cards to different lanes to quickly reflect what is learned in the course of the dialog.


    In case you ever want to push the information from the VTB to others, you can easily write reports against an existing Out of Box table (vtb_card). There are report columns available to display the board and lane names, along with any task specific details (assignment group, assigned to, etc.). The colored dots on the top of the board will generate a true value in the report's Label columns for any cards tagged by the dot. For example in the image below, dragging the blue dot onto the "Update Files/Records" card makes the Label 2 column true.


    In the image, the colored circles show the mapping from VTB to report column...most are pretty obvious and intuitive, the exception is the Label 1, Label 2 columns, which will mirror the sequence of the colored dots. Meaning if a red dot labelled "Defect" is the first dot listed on the board, it will be Label 1 in the report.


    The other piece that may be valuable is the display/sort order of the report. If you tend to place the cards on the board based on priority or some other form of ranking and want to reflect that in your report, you can accomplish this by using a sort of Lane and Order. The Order column will reflect the order in which the cards are displayed within each lane on the board; an order value of 0 is the highest/top card in the lane.


    Here's what an example looks like; it's also attached as PDF in case it is easier to view that way...



    Sean Witt
    Engagement Manager
    CareWorks Tech