ServiceNow's Surge

Version 1

    A real shot at being bigger than Workday? we gotta be honest: we didn't see that one coming. And on the strength of those numbers, plus the company's Q2 renewal rate of 97.7%, we are moving ServiceNow ahead of Workday to the Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings to #8, and dropping Workday down to #9.


    One more set of impressive stats:

    • ServiceNow's top two accounts now each exceed $15 million in annual contract value (ACV);
    • More than 400 customers are doing more than $1 million in ACV; and
    • 32 customers reached that mark of $1 million in ACV in the second quarter.

    So what's behind the ServiceNow surge? Here's the customer-centric Donahoe during the company's recent Q2 earnings call describing how ServiceNow's rapidly evolving and expanding expertise in automating workflows and boosting productivity is winning the hearts, minds and wallets of businesses around the world:

    The area where we're increasing our focus is in the sort of full customer lifecycle, from post-sale all the way through renewal where what I heard from customers was, Help me implement and help me get maximum value out of the product, and then help me translate that into business value, that we can demonstrate, But what we're going to do is put a little more focus on customer success, so that we're capturing and documenting and codifying the business value that gets created, which helps a CIO or an IT department within their organization demonstrate the value they are driving inside their company and frankly helps us on upsells, on price realization and on landing new accounts.