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8/28 Expert Q&A: Solving the CMDB Puzzle with Special Guest Speaker Rob Pickering - Champion Enablement

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cube-puzzle.pngConfiguration Management can be a puzzle. There are so many questions!

•         What is a Service?

•         What’s the difference between a Configuration Item and an Asset?

•         How do we improve the health of the CMDB?

•         How can we motivate people to invest time in keeping it up-to-date?

•         Is the data in the CMDB really all that important to other ServiceNow solutions?


Solving for all of these questions can feel like quite the brain teaser. That’s why Champion Enablement is pleased to announce a special edition Ask the Expert session with special guest speaker, Rob Pickering, who will answer these questions and even share experiences from his time as a customer executive!


August 28, 2017  11am PT


Join us on this discussion page for a Live Video Broadcast on CMDB

  And post your questions on the Demo/Discussion Page!


When and Where

  • Start Time:

    Aug 28, 2017 11:00 AM PST (America/Los_Angeles)
  • End Time:

    Aug 28, 2017 12:00 PM PST (America/Los_Angeles)
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