We live in the age of Uber, Airbnb, and Zappos, where each rules their respective market thanks to the impeccable customer experience they offer. When you think about it, the relationship between employees and the organization they are employed at isn't very different from a customer's interaction with a particular brand or product. Employees often tend to expect a consumer-level experience at work, but rarely end up receiving this type of support because traditional HR and IT service delivery models are ill-equipped to deliver on this front.

Studies reveal that the majority of the workforce decides within the first 6 months of employment whether or not they want to stay at a company. However, employees who go through a structured onboarding program are more likely to stay. Poor talent attraction and high turnover rates cost organizations millions of dollars every year, and employee satisfaction lies at the center of this issue.

So what does it take to create an all-inclusive, employee-centric onboarding program?

Every industry has its own dynamic that determines the framework on which to build a modern employee and HR experience. For enterprises that manage IT requests from their service desk and maintain their Active Directory infrastructure on a different platform, integrating these two tools can help streamline employee onboarding and improve employee satisfaction.

We've integrated ADManager Plus, or our Active Directory management solution, with popular help desk ServiceNow to help IT help desks redefine employee productivity, lower operating costs, and improve their overall administration through a consistent system of engagement. The ServiceNow and ADManager Plus integration improves employees' IT service experience in three simple steps.

Step 1: Making a great first impression—employee onboarding

Streamlining the administrative and provisioning aspects of onboarding is a great place to start when you're looking to implement employee-centric onboardingFor a faster, more efficient, and user-friendly experience, it's important that all required cloud applications, along with Active Directory accounts, are available to use from the get-go.

User onboarding doesn’t have to be painful, time-consuming, or complicated. You can save significant engineering time using the department and roll-specific User Creation Templates that come prepackaged in the ServiceNow-ADManager Plus integration. Doing so gives HR requesters independence and frees them from complex orchestrations. When HR makes a user provisioning service request, the dynamic input fetching module proactively collects critical AD attribute data from their request, paving the way for error-free account creation across Active Directory, Exchange, Office 365, G Suite, and Skype for Business.

Step 2: Postboarding goes a long waytransition management

The employee life cycle includes several phases, such as role changes, transfers, promotions, and relocations, all of which demand high-priority service delivery. To make these transition processes seamless, the reprovisioning process should include templates for different positions based on roles, designations, and departments. The ServiceNow-ADManager Plus integration drives standardization, improves efficiency, and helps you maintain compliance by offering reprovisioning templates right in the ServiceNow console.

Step 3: Smooth deprovisioningemployee offboarding

The last phase of a user's life cycle is when the employee leaves the organization.  During their tenure, they'd have received access to multiple services and applications. The biggest challenge for your IT department would be to revoke all of these permissions without causing a hassle to the leaving employee. Offboarding performed through the ADManager plug-in for ServiceNow is simple and smooth thanks to the Disable and Delete policy working in the background. To ensure that the every last attribute, access, and permission is wiped clean, including Office 365 licenses and access to G Suite apps, try ADManager Plus' ServiceNow plug-in.

What's more?

Your technicians can easily and securely resolve password reset requests, reduce idle time, and ensure smooth business operations by accessing ADManager Plus' AD management features right from ServiceNow. Use this integration to:

    Improve service delivery, simplify AD management, and increase IT efficiency.

    Eliminate onboarding backlogs.

    Provide employees with the ability to request password resets and instant account unlocks.

    Standardize data entry to eliminate human error.

    Perform efficient identity management and accurate user offboarding.

    Say goodbye to sluggish and unfriendly legacy tools.


Key integration highlights

        Streamline user onboarding. Gain the combined strength of ServiceNow and ADManager Plus for a tactical advantage in scaling your onboarding to an enterprise level.

        Implement more efficient identity management and accurate offboarding processes with this extended integration.

Our ServiceNow-certified ADManager Plus app is now available in the ServiceNow store. Kick-start your evaluation with a free 30-day trial of ADManager Plus. You can also learn more about this integration here.