Sorry to market to everyone but I thought you all might want to know how you might expand your reach within your organization.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – November 12, 2013 – ServiceNowÒ (NYSE: NOW), the enterprise IT cloud company, today announced ServiceNow HR Service Automation, a new application that makes it easier for organizations to automate HR case management. This new application manages the service relationships between HR and employees through an online storefront, similar to the ones they use at home for purchasing personal goods and services. HR Service Automation eliminates the volumes of phone calls and email exchanges it takes for organizations to execute HR service delivery and gives control, insight and productivity back to HR management.

In the typical enterprise, most interactions between employees and the HR department are still based on manual, unstructured, communications - email, telephone calls or personal visits. This masks what are actually simple and repeatable request/fulfill relationships and makes it virtually impossible for HR management to understand the work being done by its staff to support the company and for employees to know the current status of their requests. With information existing only in email or standalone notes, there is no centralized ability to track work, set priorities, build reports or capture knowledge. Often, the only recourse for HR management is to hire more staff to stay ahead of the ever-increasing demand.