Spending time where your industry peers connect on social media can be a great way for you to keep up with the latest industry developments and releases.

You should use it as opportunity to connect with a lot of other ServiceNow enthusiasts with whom you can network, ask questions and just share common best practices and any tips you pick up along the way.

Don’t just sit back and read other people’s posts though, make sure you engage in the discussion, you’ll get more out of it that way!

Twitter is a great platform where you can easily reach industry movers and shakers. If you’re looking to update your Twitter feed with relevant content, check out some top Niche IT & ServiceNow thought leaders you should be following here - https://www.washingtonfrank.com/us/blog/top-30-niche-it-influencers/

Everyone on the list actively tweets around the topics #ServiceNow, #ITSM, or #ITOM so be sure to follow!