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Creating Service Catalog from Table.

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Hello All,

Now, I am going to discuss the “Fastest way to create a Service Catalog”. I don’t think all of you are familiar with this method of Creating a Service Catalog from a table.

My colleague recently got a requirement to create a Record Producer (Service Catalog) and a table with the same variables.

We searched for all the available options and finally created the Table and the Record Producer Separately (it took a lot of time). After doing that we found an option of creating the Record Producer from the table itself.

               I thought it was a cool option and wanted to share this information. Raising a flag--This is the first time for me to post something.


               1) Created a table with the required fields



          2) Then go to System Definition >> Tables




Select and open the required table (Marketing Event in my case) and in the Related Links find “Add to Service Catalog”






Clicking on the related link will give you a screen to “Add Record Producer for Marketing Event to Service Catalog” with the following options



Fill in Name (this name will be shown as the name of the Record Producer), Short description (If you want to give the short description) and Category.

Also about the variables needed on the Record Producer, move from Available column (these are the fields on the marketing event Table) to the selected column.

Click on “save and Open”, this will open the record producer that is created from the table.



With all the selected variables. Then we can go ahead and hit “Try it”.

Here is the Record Producer with all the variables needed.



I hope this helps.


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