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Document API Properties, Not Just Methods

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In the API documentation available on, it would be awesome if ServiceNow would Please start including not just methods, but useful properties! or at least write methods to retrieve these properties, and document them?


Specifically, I'm thinking of these two:

  1. g_form.modifiedFields: This property returns an object with a property for each field that was modified. The property key will be the field name, and the value will be 'true' (the returned value from g_form.field_name.modified). However, this does NOT work on catalog items.
  2. g_form.checkMandatory: This property is boolean(true) by default, but when set to false, will allow form submission without requiring the mandatory fields! This would be an AMAZING tool for when you want to allow "Draft" submissions to be saved, without requiring all of the mandatory fields to be filled out, or just for testing.


If anyone has any info, I'd like to know... Is there any property or method similar to g_form.modifiedFields, that works on variables within a catalog item in catalog view, if called from a catalog client script? Something that would give me the list of variables that have been modified?


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