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    LIVE Q&A session with Service Level Management (SLM) Experts - January 19, 2017

      expert-logo-2.pngThursday, January 19, 2017, 10am-11:30 GMT. (2am-3:30am PT)

      *Targeted at All EMEA and APAC customers


      Have your questions ready to post below ...


      Everything you wanted to know about Service Level Management and more!

      SLM Product Experts will host a Live discussion on the community


      Please join us for a live Q&A session exclusively focused on Service Level Management. Use this opportunity to get prompt and reliable expert suggestions, answers, comments and advice. Also leverage this opportunity to provide feedback, and discuss workarounds or customizations.


      Our dedicated experts are:


      adityamallik: Manager, Application Development

      cameronrichard: Manager, Application Development

      soumyamitra: Sr. Software Engineer, Application Development

      nige: Sr. Software Engineer, Application Development


      All active members in the community are invited and encouraged to participate and answer questions.


      This is an open event, no registration needed. Please post your questions below

      _Rohan Tyagi