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    Conference Hotels?

      The FAQ's say to go to the "Accommodations" page to view a list of conference hotels and their negotiated rates... but there is no link to such a page.  Having this is helpful when putting together a budget in order to obtain approval to attend the conference.

      Also - the upgrade packages make it seem like one would be unable to book a room at the Venetian without paying for an upgrade - is this correct?

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          Kevin Dickman

          Sorry I cannot answer you second question, but having registered yesterday I can share the following:

          I chose an upgrade package

          Prices for The Venetian or the Palazzo are at $269.00 per night for a Luxury King Suite with a $25 per night resort fee added during the stay.

          I chose to stay at the Palazzo as it is newer than the Venetian and no significant difference in commute (walking) times to the convention center.


          I expected that you couldn't book to stay here without choosing one of the packages so that is why I did it.  I did not pay attention to the other hotels offered during checkout as I was synchronizing with a co-worker so we could ensure to both get to stay at the same place.



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