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    Barcode Scanning for Asset Management


      Has anyone incorporated a Barcode Scanner into ServiceNow? I am hoping to be able to create a inventory view that does the following:

      1. Able to select a Stockroom and Status.
      2. Scan the Barcode of a laptop and have it automatically update the devices Stockroom and Status.
      3. After the Barcode is read, automatically insert or update and be ready for the next scan.


      1. Create a input page that has a field that a Barcode scan would insert and new.

      The Barcode Scanner can return either a "Return" or "Tab" after scan. Just can't get the record to update/insert with that action.

      Thanks in advance...


        • Yes, I have implemented full bar code scanning in Service-Now.
          Geoffrey Cox

          I have many bar-code scanning applications in use in ServiceNow.

          We have an asset auditing app: You scan a cabinet's bar code, then you scan each asset's bar code. As you go along, it tells you which assets are supposed to be in the cabinet, which you have found, and which you haven't, etc. When you're done with the cabinet, you submit the audit and it updates the cmdb with assets found/lost/etc.

          We have presented this app a couple times: at K10, K13 and the 2012 Gartner convention.

          Our scanner is configured to issue a carriage return after each successful scan.

          If you are treating return as submit, the browser may not be able to determine which action you are performing. You can specify a specific sys action when the return key is pressed (e.g. a scan is successful).

          The key thing is to develop custom forms for use with the scanner. It is important that you have only one input field on the html "form", so that this is the field that is submitted when you "hit return". You also don't want a lot of buttons on the same form. If you need to display other fields, just insert additional html form tags for the other sections so that submit doesn't get confused on the primary form (where your scan field is).

          We did all this with a combination of custom form views, script includes, UI macros and formatters. I spent a lot of effort overcoming stuff introduced by SNC forms. If I were to do it again, I would probably just use UI pages, so I would have complete control over my html and javascript.

          There is more detail that I can cover here, I would be happy to discuss in further detail.


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            I have ever used this barcode scanning tool and you may have a try. It supports high-speed and accurate barcode scanning.

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              Justin Boeckler

              I know this is an old post however just in case others are interested, we are a ServiceNow partner and have been providing IT Asset Management and Barcode/RFID Scanning solutions to SeviceNow customers for a while now.  We have a platform that allows you to easily build native barcode scanning applications and extend the power of the ServiceNow system that works both online and offline on all major of devices iOS/Android/Windows Mobile/BlackBerry.  Let us know if you are interested or check out our website for more information.




              Justin Boeckler


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                Will Barrowes



                I see that this is an old post and this is my first post to the ServiceNow Community, but just wanted to shamelessly plug CG4 Asset Tracking.  We offer off-the-shelf asset tracking software.  We have been doing this for over 14 years.  We have been supporting ServiceNow customers for almost two years now.  Our integration is certified with ServiceNow:  ServiceNow Share  We provide all the functionality you asked for and then some.  I watched the videos of the work Geoff did and I like the work he showed.  Those are great.  If you have not already got your asset tracking barcode needs taken care of, take a look at our website https://cg4assettracking.com or feel free to contact me.


                Will Barrowes

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                  Thomas Watson

                  AMI AssetTrack provides barcode asset tracking, is available from the ServiceNow store and is built completely within the ServiceNow platform.  No external third party server is required.


                  Download a free trial from the ServiceNow store and receive, track, audit, and dispose hardware assets in minutes.


                  Supports barcode and RFID scanning using all device types including smartphones, rugged scanners, RFID readers.  It's customizable, scalable, and supported across all recent ServiceNow versions.  You don't need to build and support this yourself.


                  Learn more here: AssetTrack® 4 IT Asset Tracking Solution for ServiceNow



                  Tom Watson

                  President & CEO