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    Community : Simultaneous Update Alerts

      I think Simultaneous Update Alerts should be set up on threads on Community.

      Would save a lot of Confusion and Effort.


      Please share your thoughts.




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          i have moved this thread into community updates and feedback for better exposure. Could you please clarify what you mean by simultaneous update alerts?


          There are ways to set up alerts to your email inbox and to your community inbox I outlined how to do so in this blog post Get Knowledge14 Updates to your Email inbox and Community inbox

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              Mark Stanger

              Thanks Bianca.  This is good feedback.  I think what we're after is a way to know that someone else has updated or responded to a thread that we're trying to respond to.  If we knew that, it would prevent situations where 2 people respond with replies on top of each other.


              We actually have this same need in ServiceNow with 2 people updating the same ticket at the same time.  The solution is to pop an alert message to the other user making a reply and letting them know that the post or ticket has been updated.  Then you can give them the option to view the reply, view the full thread, or abandon the update they're attempting to make.  Here's an example.



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                  MG Casey

                  I've been thinking a "try / catch" addition to it might be wise now:


                  // Warn when two users are editing the same record
                  function onSubmit() {
                       try {
                            var updatedOn = gel('onLoad_sys_updated_on').value;
                            if (!updatedOn)
                            var gr = new GlideRecord(g_form.getTableName());
                            if (!gr.get(g_form.getUniqueValue()))
                            var dbUpdatedOn = gr.sys_updated_on + '';
                            var dbUpdatedBy = gr.sys_updated_by + '';
                            if (updatedOn != dbUpdatedOn)
                                 return confirm(dbUpdatedBy + " " + getMessage("updated this record since you opened it - overwrite with your changes? Additional comments and Work notes will not be overwritten."));
                       catch(err) {
                            g_form.addErrorMessage("Unable to reach the server for the \"simultaneous update alert\" check before saving this incident. Check your internet connection, then attempt to save this incident again.");
                            return false;


                  Otherwise, if the user loses their internet connection after loading the incident page, it gives a really weird error. At least with a "try / catch", you can control the error and give the user some decent instructions on what to do.