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    Change risk assessment

      Do you guys have any sample risk assessment questions that you don;'t mind using. Ones that are not out of the box. Trying to get an idea of what others are using or if anyone has heard of a best practice set of questions. I am talking about Change risks



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          Jeff Boltz

          I personally do not see value in risk assessment questions due to selection bias.  In other words, I'm guessing that there is a bias toward low risk changes.

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            Nayan Awadhiya

            Hey William,


            Have you activate the "CHANGE MANAGEMENT - RISK ASSESSMENT" with DEMO data?

            If NOT, then goto plugins->CHANGE MANAGEMENT - RISK ASSESSMENT

            Click on the LOAD DEMO DATA ONLY



            After the DATA LOAD you can access two demo assessments -


            Please like, mark as correct/helpful if it is right.

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              Kathy Bethune

              We are actually working on implementing the Risk Assessment and Risk Calculator this summer.  We do have a set of Risk questions we are going to be using:

              1. Does this Change have the potential to affect a Critical Business Service?
              2. How complex are the implementation steps?
              3. Has the Change been tested?
              4. How many workgroups are required to implement the Change?
              5. What is the past experience of implementing similar Changes?
              6. How long will it take to verify the Change was completed successfully?

              We have multiple choice responses and are currently piloting a spreadsheet for every Change that requires CAB.  So far the response is good.