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    Ask the Experts: Knowledge Management Comparison, Features, and Migration Best Practices

      Watch the video demo, presented on December 2, 2015.

      Post your questions below for the experts to answer.


      Through this short 30 minute live demo we will provide an overview that highlights the changes between Knowledge Management v2 and Knowledge Management v3.  The focus of this webinar will not only be on new features – such as multiple Knowledge Bases – but also on practical steps for migrating to v3.


      Featured Experts


      • Eyal Arasu is a Development Team lead at ServiceNow leading all development work for Knowledge Management.  Prior to working on the Knowledge application Eyal was a key member in the development of ServiceNows Project Management application.
      • Ryan Hale is as Product Manager at ServiceNow and is responsible for both Knowledge Management and Service Request.  Prior to joining the ServiceNow ranks Ryan spent six years working to implement ServiceNow and the ITIL framework.