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    Trying to move a PA Dashboard from dev to test via update set. How does the "pa dashboard" itself get added to the update set?

      I've followed instructions from wiki:

      Moving Dashboards with Update Sets

      Dashboards are not automatically transferred in Update Sets. You must manually add the dashboard to the update set.


      Navigate to Performance Analytics > Dashboard.

      Inspect the HTML element for one of the dashboard tabs.

      Find the element containing sysparm_view=pa_

      Record the value following sysparm_view=, such as pa_incident_overview. This is the View of the dashboard portal page record.

      Navigate to Homepage Admin > Pages.

      Find the portal page record with the View value you previously recorded.

      Right-click the record and select Unload Portal Page.

      The page is added to the current update set.


      But when I import the XML from the completed update set, it only creates the pages that I unloaded.


      Where does it create the actual dashboard that these pages become tabs on?

      Did I miss a step?


      Thank you,