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    Developer Webinar Q&A : ServiceNow Platform Security

      The February 25th Developer Webinar expert session introduces you to core security capabilities available on the ServiceNow platform ranging from access controls to the encryption of sensitive information. We will also provide a hands-on demo of applying these security features to visualize how they can be applied to meet a variety of platform security use cases.


      Learn how ServiceNow’s Platform Security features available starting in the Geneva release can be applied and leveraged to improve the security posture of your ServiceNow platform:

      • An end-to-end integrated solution for customers to exclusively control the encryption of data that helps to the solve challenges tied to sovereignty concerns, data loss prevention, and regulatory compliance.
      • An ACL configuration watcher that lets you know what related ACLs exist on a table when you insert, update, or delete an ACL (Access Control List) on the same table.
      • SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) user provisioning to automatically create the users in your instance's User table.
      • Multifactor authentication for authenticating to a ServiceNow instance.


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      Mike-AdlerMike Adler, Senior Product Manager, Security for the Platform Business Unit. Mike’s background focuses on the product definition, sales enablement, customer presentations, partner collaboration leading to the delivery of cloud security solutions. Prior to joining ServiceNow, Mike was the senior global product manager for a portfolio of managed security services at Cisco and British Telecom.


      Sajeev Pillai Manager, Platform Security – Platform Development