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    Ask the Expert: Knowledge v3- Features and Upgrade Best Practices Part 1


      Through this series of short 30 minute live sessions we will provide an overview that highlights the new features on Knowledge Management v3 and best practices for your upgrade plan. We will also try and cover additional topics based on any requests that we receive ahead of time.


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      original air date April 26, 2016 10am PT



      Featured Experts


      Eyal Arasu is a Development Team lead at ServiceNow leading all development work for Knowledge Management.  Prior to working on the Knowledge application Eyal was a key member in the development of ServiceNows Project Management application.


      Sarup Paul is a Sr Product Manager at ServiceNow for Knowledge Management. He comes to ServiceNow with a rich experience in Knowledge Management and Online Customer Support systems. He has spent more than a decade in Integrations and Product Development. He is Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) v5 Certified, and has helped various companies implement their KM programs using the KCS framework.


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