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    Project Schedule Export failure

      We are in FUJI and a number of our projects will not export any data into the XML file via the export to project function.


      Has anyone else on FUJI have this problem as well when exporting projects to MS Project that the XML has zero byte data?


      PRB - PRB670348


      Thanks for any information you can share.




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          Hi Michael,


          The PRB you opened shows that you're getting a Java Null Pointer Exception when trying to export those projects. That needs to be investigated further.



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              Michael deHaas

              Sergiu - thanks for the response.  This problem (PRB - PRB670348) has been open in HI Support for some time and we have yet to get a response and resolution.  We have now upgraded one of our instances and we see this problem in Helsinki as well.


              Do you have any more guidance on this problem?


              Anyone else having this issue.  it is starting to become urgent.





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              Michael deHaas

              kellykaufmann - Keith Schaefer seems to own this problem (PRB - PRB670348) that has no updates at all for the last 3 months that it has been opened.  I can't connect to him.  Would you be able to find out more about this problem either through Keith or another engineer?


              Thanks kindly Kelly!




              Project Schedule Export failure

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                Tarun Murala



                The expected field(s) for the Microsoft Project Export was Empty/NULL.


                Could you verify the below, for all the task(s) under the project before exporting.

                Most of the cases where the Actual Duration was empty/NULL for the task, where it did consists the Actual Start Date and Actual End Date (For the closed task(s)).


                We did a fallback in the coming release I, where if there the above case is valid, we are calculating actual duration to export MS Project.




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                  Michael deHaas

                  tarunmurala thanks for the suggestion.  I have looked at one of the projects that were not exporting and I did find some Actual Duration that was empty when there was a Actual Start Date/End Date available.  I corrected this problem and even there were some tasks with no Actual Start Date when the task was Work-in-Progress.  So as far as I can tell from your direction I have completed the data update.  However, when I test again I still get 0KB and nothing in the file.


                  I have looked at one project that could export and when looking at that data the issue you mention does exist in a few tasks and yet it still exports to XML.  So not sure your theory is correct.  If it is then we are still missing something in those other projects not importing even after updating the Actual Start/End/Duration to be with a date or time.


                  Also in the project that does export when I try to import the XML into MS Project 2016 I get the following error and MS Project Crashes. !

                  MS Import Error.png


                  This is the xml data - I struggle to see why this errors.  I import into Rational Plan Viewer and it "seems" fine.




                              <Name>Logistical Support</Name>








































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                    Dan English

                    I had this same problem this morning, and was able to resolve by making sure that all tasks that have planned OR actual start and end dates have a duration populated also.  This solved my issue once I added duration of 0 to my milestone tasks.