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    New Mobile App & SAML authentication

      My organisation wants to use the mobile app. We have trialed it and it is proving very useful and looks nice to.

      The blocker for us is that we have tight security and we cannot allow staff to access the mobile app through username password.

      Staff use generic access for cloud based services which is to authenticate through SAML.


      If we use the username & password to access the app there are some security requirements:

      In ServiceNow  the p/w complexity and lifespan must  match our AD policy. Strong password with a life span of 90 days.

      Issue:  After 90 days the p/w resets for a user and the user is presented with a message to change their p/w.  That happens on the desk top console, which the user is accessing via SAML (onelogin) and does not use an application specific p/w they access via their AD credentials.


      In order to use the mobile app we have to impact the console user experience.  We are not willing to do this so we cannot share the app. 


      Has ServiceNow got a response / solution for this issue or is the App only available via application username / password set up?