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    Ask the Expert: Real-Time CMDB


      Air Date July 27th, 10am PT


      As service architectures evolve and become more dynamic, how can you keep your CMDB healthy and relevant? Join Ben Yukich for a discussion of the techniques you can use to keep your CMDB up to date in near real time. Specific product areas discussed will include Discovery, Service Mapping, CMDB, and Scripted REST APIs. These parts of the platform work together seamlessly to provide a dynamic CMDB that can keep pace with even the most demanding operational requirements.


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      profile-image-display.jspa?imageID=3521&size=200Ben Yukich is a Solutions Architect at ServiceNow who specializes in the Operations Management technology suite. Ben has worked at ServiceNow for over 5 years, and has helped guide numerous clients on their unique CMDB journey.



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