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    Ask the Expert: Posting Log Information from Client to the System Log via Ajax with Steve Bell

      Steven Bell, Community MVP, will be presenting a Best Practice demonstration for using a UI Script.  We will be constructing a UI Script client library of functions, and their Ajax analogs in a Server-Side Script Include.  We'll show you the value and reusability of a UI Script.


      Join us on September 27th at 10am PT   (est 30mins)


      Featured Expert


      profile-image-display.jspa?imageID=13414&size=200Steven Bell is an Architect Manager and ServiceNow Trainer for Accenture Cloud-First.  He has over 30 years of Developer experience.  His areas of expertise include Application Development, Development Process, Orchestration, Discovery, Asset Management, Software Quality Assurance.  Steven's prior experience includes web services development in C#/.Net.  He earned a BS in Computer Science from Texas Tech University - Lubbock.





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