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    CreatorCon Challenge: Startup Fame and Fortune - Expert Q&A

      Live Air Date on December 9th - 8am PT. Watch on-demand and post your questions below.


      Attend this Expert Event if you’re an early stage pre-VC ISV startup (or thinking of forming one) that is looking for breakout growth with:


      • $500K in funding from ServiceNow Ventures
      • $325K worth of marketing, sales enablement, and publicity, and business development awards
      • Global app distribution on the ServiceNow Store to every ServiceNow customer including over one third of the Forbes Global 2000


      But wait, there’s more! See a revenue-generating industry vertical-specific app get built on the platform and published to the Store in 45 minutes.



      46.png?a=8452Martin Barclay,
      Store and Platform Product Marketing


      46.png?a=8636Josh Nerius,
      Solution Architect & Developer Evangelist


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          Chuck Tomasi

          We're live! Ask questions in this discussion area!

          --Chuck Tomasi
          --Sr. Technical Product Marketing Mgr, Now Platform
          --Join me on the Community live stream (most) weekdays at 8:00AM ET

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            Philip Engles

            Hi I am a developer and used to work for an edTech startup. They recently just got a rather large grant to continue building their application. The stack was Rails and Ember, I would like to hear your opinion as to why a startup should consider building on the ServiceNow platform.  I understand that the SN platform has a lot to offer in terms of functionality and makes the life of a developer easier but I would also like to play devils advocate because partnering your application with servicenow means that you are going to be married to the platform for a long time to come. My question is how is servicenow going to charge these "startup" application companies? What metrics are going to be considered when looking at the cost of using SN ie: "number of users? number of roles? advertisements? OOB widgets being used" Keep in mind this scenario would be a custom service portal for UI while leveraging some OOB modules/functionality (ie: notifications, Email & SMS as well as workflows). 

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                Jason McKee

                Hi Philip,


                Pricing for customers for the ServiceNow platform itself is based on number of users.  As the vendor, you pay for your company's Technology Partner Program membership (and if you win the Challenge, a year of Silver membership is part of the prize package).  When selling on the Store, you have flexibility to decide your own pricing structure for your app based on what makes sense for your business model. 


                While building your on ServiceNow does "marry" it to the platform, that's really true of any language/platform whether it's fully open source like Rails or proprietary like .NET.  There's always a switching cost to go from one platform to another.  What should be attractive about building on ServiceNow from a startup perspective is not just the ease of development, but also what you don't have to worry about from a support perspective.  As a SaaS platform, you don't have to worry about walking your customers through configuring their environment to run your app.   Problems like when you've built/tested your app against the main v6.9.2 stable branch of node.js and your customer's distro is still shipping node v0.10.33 don't exist.  ServiceNow takes care of keeping the instance up, running & available for you and your customers.  And when there are issues with the platform itself such as Active Directory authentication breaking, ServiceNow support takes care of those problems for you.  Your support responsibilities are limited to your application, not the whole stack.  If you're a small company, this should be particularly attractive. 


                And, of course, you & your customers gain all of the other benefits of SaaS with ServiceNow, such as backups, disaster recovery and industry-leading uptime and availability.

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                    Philip Engles

                    Hi Jason,

                       Thanks for taking the time to respond. I would really like to see a breakdown of how many users an application would have and what price range that "user tier" would place me at. I appreciate ServiceNow offering these incentives to build on their platform but as you can imagine when it comes to "MY" business; I as a potential business owner would like to have the facts laid out in front of me before I just jumped ship. I understand that ServiceNow is an enterprise tool and I know you all don't have all the answers but transparency is key for a developer like myself when I am choosing a tool to use. Between tools like Heroku, AWS & GIT I can get a lot of the services that you mention in your third paragraph without having to pay for a premium for them. I hope that I don't sound ungrateful because I am truly NOT, ServiceNow is a great tool and has so much awesome functionality to leverage for application ideas. I am just hesitant when I do not know how high the cliff is when I am jumping off. These of course are hypothetically scenarios at the moment because I do not have 20,000 users or more at my disposal and trust me I do understand that this is a GOOD problem to have but these questions I believe should be asked. Looking forward to seeing your response and thanks again for the tool that you all have built because I would not be where I am today without the help of standing on top giant's shoulders.


                       Philip Engles

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                      Apropos "Pricing for customers for the ServiceNow platform itself is based on number of users".


                      Is this something that can be modified for a particular app or customer? If not, it may become one limiting factor on what kind of apps are in the end suitable for the platform.


                      As an example: a government entity may want an application that allows it to request bids on services, that it needs to purchase, from companies that can provide the particular service. This kind of web applications are used in many countries (at least in Europe) to request bids on anything from school bus services for grade school kids, to software development and building construction projects. These applications typically allow any interested party to register a login account for themselves in order to browse the bid requests (and submit a bid, if they so choose).


                      I would think that having to pay a license fee for each public user in a scenario like this would not be particularly attractive.

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                    Mahmoud Ramadan


                    would you please share the source code for the demo.