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    SAML authentication on mobile app for Android

      Hey Everyone,


      We are about to upgrade to Istanbul this weekend and there have been questions of using the mobile app.

      We are going from Geneva patch 8 hotfix 1  to Istanbul.


      I know the Mobile app has been available to Geneva Patch 6 and  later.


      However,  we are not allowing use of the mobile app at this point due to the SAML authentication.


      We currently have SAML setup in our organization.  We are able to login to ServiceNow using the SAML server in the DMZ from any computer.

      If you are not logged into the Domain computer as yourself, you are prompted to enter your network credentials.

      However, when using the Mobile app, you have to have a password set within ServiceNow, which defeats the purpose of the SAML authorization.


      In Android there is no option to set any type of authorization.  it specificially asks for an instance, a username and password.


      Is there not a way to use SAML authorization from the Android Mobile App?


      We are not putting SSO software on anyone's phones/tablets, so that is not an option.  We have a lot of mobile users who would like to use this option and not carry a computer around.

      It takes a "Community" :)

      Steven Young