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    ITSM Guides : Service Catalog – Istanbul Features, Deep Dive Webinar

      learning-e.pngJoin us on the Webinar for e-learning, deep-dive on Service Catalog's Istanbul Features.


      This webinar provides detailed information about the newly added features to Service Catalog in the Istanbul release. We will share with you the intent behind these features, how you can use them most effectively and other best practices.


      Post your question on this discussion thread prior to the broadcast for the experts to answer.


      Click here for the presentation slides (2.2 MB PDF)


      Featured Speakers


      BharathPadaki.jpg.jpegBharath Padaki is the Service Catalog product owner at ServiceNow. Bharath comes from Professional Services and has spent 10+ years helping customers implement ITSM solutions. He has been associated with numerous medium to large enterprises and has helped develop successful strategies around implementing Service Catalog to realize its full potential. Coming from the field, Bharath brings the customer’s voice and needs to product management.



      RohanTyagi.jpg.jpegRohan Tyagi is an ITSM- Customer Experience Manager, ServiceNow. Rohan has more than 7 years of experience in enterprise software helping several medium to large enterprises implement, adopt and realize value from their investments in the software. He’s been with ServiceNow for about a year, and his current focus is to improve the overall experience for ITSM customers by aligning internal processes and external resources. Rohan maintains his certification for ITiL.



      Original live date: February 22, 2017 - 10am PT


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        • Re: ITSM Guides : Service Catalog – Istanbul Features, Deep Dive Webinar
          Amlan Pal

          Hi Experts,


          First of all, Big Thank You for this wonderful demonstration.

          Have learned a lot in details about the new features and enhancements. Specially the enhancements related those HTML and More Information ones are really helpful for the administrator like us and reduces a huge scripting loads, to be frank.

          However I have couple of questions regarding the new features and enhancements:

          1. Can Wish list be activated based on category or catalog item? Currently, if we activated in the Catalog itself, it will be applicable for all its categories and items. If I have to make this feature available for couple of categories in a single Catalog, can it be done?
          2. Is there any development work going on to entertain the Variable Size (Variable Width) control feature will also be applicable inside the Variable Set or 2 column Container in future patch?

          Amlan Pal

            • Re: ITSM Guides : Service Catalog – Istanbul Features, Deep Dive Webinar
              Shouvik Goswami

              Hi Amlan,


              1. Wishlist is a feature which can be controlled only at the Catalog level.

              If you consider the UI, we have the header where wishlist is shown at the catalog level. Hence it is only controlled at the catalog level.

              If you can provide more uses cases we can consider of finer controls in future.


              2. Variable Width is applicable in a Variable Set as long as the Variable Set is not having a 2 column layout.

              With the next gen ui, and Service Portal, we would encourage to rethink the UI and move out of horizontal splits as much as possible.

              UI with horizontal split does not scale well with mobile and tablet uis. Hence we are not considering the variable width feature in 2 or more column layout.




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