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    Customer Service Management using sys_user table for customer_contact table

      Hallo community,


      I need some help pretty please. CSM information seem on the scarce side. Having a hard time understanding the idea behind CSM's oob config and purpose. It seems to be focused on external customers rather than supporting users inside our organization.


      Instance Version: Helsinki Patch 7


      CSM plugins activated: 

      • Customer Service
      • Customer Service Management Demo Data
      • Customer Service Portal


      CSM seems to be exactly what we need for our organization to replace MS CRM, apart from a few issues we are running into. Reason for wanting to use CSM is to capture cases and then create related Incidents, Requests, Problems etc from the case. Having a single entry point for the start of any type of TASK.

      We have departments in the org. and these will be our Accounts. I suppose we will need to import these to the Accounts table in CSM?

      Our Contacts linked to the Accounts need to be the users from sys_user table. I have looked at m2m relationships, relationships and activating the Edit... UI Action.


      Biggest concern is that when creating a new contact(customer_contact) it gets created in the sys_user table too. We do not have external customers, only internal end users. Thus any contacts created are duplicate records of the current users.


      Any ideas what the best method would be to change all the contact fields and lists to use sys_user?


      Appreciate all and any help.



      Johannes Coetsee