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    Mid project changes to resource plans?

      I was recently playing with Resource Management and an interesting question came up.  Lets say I've already planned and allocated resources, but then stuff happens?
      Someone quits, or goes on leave, or something unexpected.  I've committed ResourceX at 20 hours a week.  How can I recalibrate?  Backfill the resource by re-assessing availability for the team.


      Can the tool cover this use case?

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          Kelly Kaufmann

          Hi rfedoruk


          In Helsinki I don't see a built-in solution, or a workaround I would recommend if the RPLN plan has a state of 'Allocated'. Here are 2 messy, not-recommended options I see:

          1. It looks like you can't change the Resource on a specific RALLOC for a RPLN, however you (a person with the appropriate rights) can change the Group Resource on the RPLN, save the plan, then change the Group Resource back to the group you wanted and save, but of course if you had manually edited the hours across the resources you would have to do that again which is not ideal. The state stays 'Allocated' throughout this, meaning it doesn't go through the approval process again for edits so I would caution against this process-wise and to avoid enemies of resource managers getting surprises.
            1. A note: When I just tested this, I noticed that for the RALLOC's comprising the RPLN, there is no longer 'Allocated Hours' for the the RALLOC's, only 'Requested Hours'...it looks like it wiped those Allocated Hours out which is reflected in the charts and is clearly a misrepresentation...I'm guessing it was never intended to be able to make these changes to an Allocated RPLN/RALLOC.
          2. Go to a specific RALLOC and (person with appropriate rights) and delete that specific RALLOC (can't edit the End Date or Allocated Hours, which would be ideal). If for historic perspective you want a RALLOC to reflect the what resource was able to do up to a point, you can create a new RALLOC with that info. This does not seem to wipe out the Allocated Hours like it does in scenario 1.


          In Istanbul, this can be done. Istanbul features a change in Resource Plan states and features. Below is an explanation of these changes. FYI I will be creating an Istanbul Release post in the next couple of days listing major changes and known major INT's.


          Resource Plan State Model Change

          The following changes have been introduced in this release

          Confirmed State – A new state, ‘Confirmed’ has been introduced in this release. If a resource manager/steering committee want to commit/block/confirm resources for future projects/demands, it can move the resource plan to ‘Confirmed’ state.

          Allocations records and states

          Requested Allocations – When a resource plan is in planning state, requested allocations are created. When the resource plan moves to requested state, the requested allocations are retained as is. Please note, until last release, soft allocations were being created when resource plan was moving to requested state. The soft allocations will no longer be created in requested state

          Soft allocations – When resource plan moves to confirmed state, soft allocations are created

          Hard allocations – When resource plan moves to allocated state, the soft allocations will be converted to hard allocations

          New actions - Confirm and Confirm & Allocate

          Confirm – Confirms the resource plan; resource plan moves to confirmed state

          Confirm & Allocate – If a resource manager wants to directly allocate resources ( when resource plan is in ‘Requested’ state), she can take ‘Confirm & Allocate’ action, that moves resource plan to allocated state directly form requested state

          Modification in confirmed and allocated state

          From this release, a resource manager is allowed to modify a resource plan in allocated state ( and in newly introduced confirmed state).

          She can modify, create and delete resource allocation records

          If she changes, the resource plan header, a. All resource allocations ( soft/hard) will be deleted. b. requested allocations will be re-created with changed values. c. Resource plan will move back to requested state.

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          Kelly Kaufmann,
          ServiceNow PPM/PPS Specialist

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            Well, the resource plan is the process of asking for and committing resources, right?

            So the Resource Manager who's looking at the submitted resource plan ultimately allocates the resources.  But the interface provided feels extremely "heavy", because they're editing line items.