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    Can Manage Documents be linked to existing Knowledge articles

      We are looking into using Managed Documents as a repository for files that are attached to knowledge articles. We currently use a SharePoint as a file repository and like the idea of keeping everything in ServiceNow but we don't want to recreate the wheel creating new articles where we have current articles that include attachments, we'd like to add the attachments to Manage Documents and then link to the appropriate existing article.

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          Anantha Gowraram

          Hi Pattym,


          Yes we can link knowledge article with the managed document but you need to activate knowledge document plugin as well.


          Once you activate knowledge document plugin then you will have a section to link the articles




          Anantha Gowraram

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            Shloke Srivastava



            This can be done using Managed Document as mentioned in the steps below:


            1) First you need to activate the "Knowledge Document" plugin in your instance.

            2) Once the above plugin has been activated, you need to Navigate to the Managed Document Application Menu and click on "Create New" module as shown below:


            3) Fill out the mandate fields on the form as well as the "Reviewers" field to whom the Approval is sent for so that the document can be published and linked to Knowledge module and click on the Submit button as shown below:



            4) Once the Document has been submitted, open the same record again and click on the Related Link "Upload/Check in Revision" through which you can upload or attach your articles to the document as shown below:



            5) Once your article has been uploaded either you can click on "Check Out Document" related link to make any change to the document and upload it again, or if no changes are to be made you can directly navigate to the Document Revision Related List as shown below where the entries are made for each upload:



            6) Right Click on the Record and click on the "Submit Revision" link to get the document reviewed form the Reviewer as selected above in the document form as shown below:



            7) Navigate to Emails Logs under System Logs to approve the Document as shown below. Right Click on the Record and click on Preview HTML Body and the click on "Click here to View Approval Request: LINK" as shown below:




            8) Click on the Approve button as shown below:



            9) Once the document has been approved, Navigate back to the Document Record again and open the Document Revision record which is in Ready for Publishing State and click on the "Publish Revision" button as shown below:




            Once the Document Version has been published, it can be linked to the Knowledge Article which can be created from the Document form itself and attachment uploaded in the Document Record are also copied to the Knowledge Article created as shown below:


            10) Navigate to Knowledge Settings tab on Document form and select the fields as shown below:



            In the above screen shot Select the Knowledge Base to which you want to copy this document to and fill in other details as per your requirement and click on Update.


            11) Once saved with these configuration changes you will get a Related Link on the document form as "Link to Knowledge" as shown below:



            12) Post clicking on the Link, Knowledge Article gets created with the Hyperlink on the header to the article. Once you navigate to the article you can see the details copied to Knowledge form as well as the Attachments gets copied too as shown below:



            Hope this helps. Mark the answer as correct/helpful based on impact.





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                Hello Shloke,


                Thank you for your response. We have been able to successfully perform these tasks but are only able to create new articles from the Document, not link to an existing article that was created prior to enabling Managed Documents, that's what we're trying to accomplish. While reading the module documentation from ServiceNow, it seemed as if this functionality would exist when it stated: "The Update existing record option is not available when many knowledge articles are linked to a document." since the ability to link to multiple articles was available, we thought there would be an edit option in the Knowledge Records section of the Document.