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    Ask the Expert: Build your own Service Bots for ServiceNow

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      LIVE NOW | TUESDAY, MARCH 14, 2017  |  10am PT


      In this live event, you will learn about the trends in the automation of service delivery and customer engagements through software. Ushur Inc., the company that powers automation of service engagements presents trends, state of AI and a demo of how you can create your own Service Bots on top of ServiceNow using Ushur’s SDK. Attendees will also be granted free access to build and demo your own bots.USHER-servicenbot_1.png


      Featured Speaker


      Simha Sadasiva is the co-founder and CEO of Ushur Inc. the Silicon Valley based company that is automating customer engagements through its micro-engagement platform. Using Ushur, marquee brands are driving customer engagements to automate what was previously handled through human-touch. Simha has spent two decades building massively scalable software infrastructure for large enterprises and service providers.


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      ServiceNow Store :

      Ushur Approvals for ServiceNow is a bot-based messaging service for mobile, instant, real-time engagement for users on the ServiceNow platform. The app enables approvers to approve outstanding requests instantly over text messaging. Ushur works great for users on the move  without needing to be logged into ServiceNow to approve outstanding requests. Ushur Approvals works in 192 countries without expecting users to download any app.


      Ushur Resolutions for ServiceNow is a bot-based messaging service for mobile, instant, real-time resolution  on the ServiceNow platform. Ushur Resolution integrates ServiceNow with Ushur, allowing customers to confirm resolution of their incident tickets, and to request feedback with Customer Satisfaction Score (CSS) & Net Promoter Score (NPS) over messaging. Customers can confirm resolutions without logging into ServiceNow.  The Ushur Resolutions App works in 192 countries, without expecting users to download any app.


      Ushur Messaging for ServiceNow is a bot-based messaging service for instant, real-time engagement between users in the ServiceNow platform. Ushur Messaging enables timely exchange of information between requestors and fulfillers for quicker resolution of outstanding requests. With Ushur Messaging, requestors no longer have to be logged into the ServiceNow account to interact with the fulfillers.