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    ServiceNow Architecture Roles

      I am currently working on two mandates for ServiceNow Architects.


      1) A Global Gold Partner is looking to hire a ServiceNow Architect in a very strategic role. Not only will you be the most senior design authority for a number of their mandates, as well as the lead for senior stakeholder management, but you will be instrumental in the growth of this already thriving practice.


      2) A Fortune 100 multinational is looking for a Senior ServiceNow professional to take on responsibility for their ServiceNow platform. You will primarily be responsible for the design of the platform in a business appropriate image. This will involve significant engagement with the business globally to effectively understand their requirements and design the plattform appropriately.


      Both of these roles are incredibly important to their respective firms - the compensation on offer is excellent for both roles.


      If you or anyone you know is interested in these roles please email w.leslie@washingtonfrank.com or call 215-240-4343