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    Looking for a metrics from assignment group to assigned to

      Hi , my requirement is get duration from the time 'assignment group' is filled  to 'assigned to'.


      I am looking at metric>definition> Assigned to duration, Assignment group. but i am not able to combine two definitions to pull required report.  am I looking at correct place?  pull


      is there any other way to fullfil my requirement? please help.




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          are you saying that you are looking for time

          elapsed between last updated Assignment group with empty and first "Assigned to" value.

          can you explain your requirement again

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            aniket gore

            You will have to create a custom metric with below logic,


            1) Custom Script duration metric

            2) Fires on the Assigned to change

            3) Query the metric table with definition = assignment group and metric.value = current.assignement_group

            4) Pull the start time from the record found in the step 3 and calculate time diff between start time and current time. This is your elapsed time.


            Hope this helps.

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                Lisa Rugen

                Hi Aniket-

                I understand the steps required, but I'm struggling to execute it. Do you have code examples/screenshots you can share?


                Thanks in advance


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                  santhoshi jaini

                  Hi aniket


                  Could you explain me in more detail




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                      Lisa Rugen

                      Hi Santhoshi-

                      I was able to come up with something so I will share it with you.


                      1) I created a Metric Definition called 'Time to Assigned To' off the Task table. It is Type=script calculation and it has no script. it is just a shell used by a business rule.


                      2) I then created a 'Metrics - Time to Assigned To' business rule that fires under the conditions we wanted, any requested item, incident or sc_task record.




                      On the advanced tab we entered the following script:


                      (function executeRule(current, previous /*null when async*/) {


                      if(previous.assigned_to =='' && current.assigned_to!='') {

                        //if assigned to went from blank to something

                          //gs.log("B1: " + current.number);



                      else if (((previous.assignment_group!=current.assignment_group) && current.assigned_to!='')){

                      // the assignment group changed and it was assigned in one action

                           //gs.log("B2: " + current.number);




                      function insertMetrics(chgtype) {

                        //create a record recording time to assignment to a peep

                        var t='';

                        var x=new GlideRecord('metric_instance');

                        x.addQuery('definition','=','e15e7db3056c6900d0771d8b82f882f4');//Assignment Group Duration - Task

                        x.addQuery('value','=',current.assignment_group.getDisplayValue()); //current assignment group

                        x.addQuery('calculation_complete','=','false'); //metric is still active

                        x.addQuery('id','=',current.sys_id);//this ticket


                        while (x.next()){

                         t=x.sys_created_on; //this would be the date/time the metric for assignment group was created.





                        //no assigngroup metric exists so check to see what type of change was made on the ticket

                         if (chgtype==1){

                          //grab the date the date the ticket was created because it may have come in via a catalog item and the assigngroup metric was not created.



                         else if (chgtype==2) {

                          //if yes assume ticket was assigned to another group and assigned out at the same time this did not populate





                        var mi= new GlideRecord('metric_instance');

                        //sys id of the metric definition

                        var metricSysID = '0ad9a01a1313f2408498bd122244b00f';


                        mi.definition = metricSysID;

                        mi.start = t;

                        mi.end = gs.nowDateTime();

                        mi.duration = gs.dateDiff(mi.start, mi.end);

                        mi.id = current.sys_id;

                        mi.field_value = current.assignment_group.getDisplayValue();

                        mi.calculation_complete = true;



                        gs.log("creating time to assigned to metric: " & current.number);



                      })(current, previous);



                      I believe that is all you need, but it's been awhile since I looked at it so if that doesn't work let me know and I'll dig further to see what I forgot to share.


                      Hope this helps!