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    Tools are for Fools.... How to Develop a Solid Implementation Program : Champion Enablement Ask the Expert Series Part 3

      pity-fool-Servicenow-Ask-the-expert.pngHello, A-Team!  Join us on April 18, 2017

      NOON PT, for a Live Video Demo!


      expert-logo-2.pngEver feel like your ServiceNow implementation is like a truck with no gas you picked because of the paint job? Then you may still be using ServiceNow as a tool, and to that I say, “I pity the fool!”


      In this session of the Champion Enablement Ask the Expert Series, we’ll be discussing tools vs. solutions and tools vs. programs.


      There are 9 new ServiceNow Solutions available on ServiceNow.com, and we in Champion Enablement have created some fantastic Solution Packages for you to take advantage of in driving adoption and sharing value across your organization. We’ll review the solutions available in the following locations:


      In addition, we’ll be reviewing how important it is to have a solid strategy for your ServiceNow implementation, promoting it from a tool to a program.


      We’ll keep it short and sweet in this session because we know you ain’t got no time for no jibba jabba, but by the end of the session, we’ll have you saying “I love it when a plan comes together!”


      Featured Expert

      britt.champeau is the Content Architect of Champion Enablement. Britt was a customer prior to joining ServiceNow almost 3 years ago and has personally experienced just how important communication is to the sustainable success of an implementation. Historically, she specializes in knowledge management, and you may have seen her present at Knowledge conferences or your local SNUG. is a lifelong Star Wars fan, who lives in Boulder, CO with her dog,abcede(For those of you who prefer English to Galactic Basic, that’s Abcde (pronounced Ab-sid-ee).)