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    Not all ip adresses for Switches and Routers  being discovered

      I am currently discovery routers and switches for a customer but for some reason the source ip (the ip used to discover the device) is not being mapped to any field in the cmdb, for instance, we discovered a router using the ip so our customer is expecting to have this source ip ( in some field in the cmbd, but this ip is not at any attribute of the ci, neither ip_address or any related list such as network adapters or CI IPs.

      I went through the payloads and noticed that discovery is ignoring ip addresses with IfType 24 which seems to be loopbacks,


      Does anybody knows Why are loopbacks interfaces/ip adrresses ignored? how can I change this behaviour?


      <ipAddrEntry instance=".">

      <ipAdEntAddr type="SnmpIPAddress"></ipAdEntAddr>

      <ipAdEntIfIndex type="SnmpInt32">335544420</ipAdEntIfIndex>

      <ipAdEntNetMask type="SnmpIPAddress"></ipAdEntNetMask>



      <ifEntry instance=".335544420">

      <ifIndex type="SnmpInt32">335544420</ifIndex>

      <ifDescr type="SnmpOctetString">loopback100</ifDescr>

      <ifType type="SnmpInt32">24</ifType>

      <ifPhysAddress type="SnmpOctetString"/>

      <ifAdminStatus type="SnmpInt32">1</ifAdminStatus>

      <ifOperStatus type="SnmpInt32">1</ifOperStatus>


      <ifEntry instan


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      Affected Users: All Users

      Start Date: 2017-03-23 14:19:52

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