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    rename servicenow group




      I have a question in regards to renaming a servicenow group that is pulled from AD. I have two groups in AD and servicenow (it-business, it-businessgroup). A department recently wants to use it-businessgroup instead of it-business but would like to be able to pull the data or report on data that was in it-business. I believe this has to be done as follows: rename it-businessgroup to a different name in both AD and ServiceNow and then rename it-business to it-businessgroup in both AD and ServiceNow?



      Also what if I merely delete group it-businessgroup from AD and then simply rename it-businessgroup in ServiceNow to something else and rename it-business to it-businessgroup in ServiceNow..  Any thoughts on this?

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          Chuck Tomasi

          Hi Osvaldo,


          If AD is the authority of group names, you are best off with your first approach. Rename it-businessgroup to something else, and then rename it-business to it-businessgroup. All group memberships will remain intact that way.


          I discourage against deleting groups as this could have issues with scripts, records, or other items in the system trying to reference that group. I call it "hanging references" because they will reference a record that no longer exists. Instead you should de-activate instead of delete. Most records have an Active field that you simply uncheck or set to false. This doesn't sound necessary if you take the first approach.

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