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    Ask the Expert: Setting up the CMDB Health metrics and applying them to a real world CMDB


      Join us on this discussion page for a YouTube Live Presentation on setting up CMDB health metrics and how to apply them.


      It's an opportunity to see how the new CMDB Health Dashboard can help you manage the data quality of server and network device data. This new dashboard provides an actionable view of CI health and a remediation framework to take corrective actions. 



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      Featured Expert


      13ff7a4.jpgPresented by Richard Brounstein, ServiceNow Solution Architect for ITOM, specializing in IT Operations and crafting CMDB solutions for customers, based in the New York City area. He will be hosting a CMDB lab at Knowledge 2017. Before joining ServiceNow, Richard has more than 10 years experience as a System Engineer with Hewlett-Packard.




      Watch the Demo Below and Read the Q&A below!
      (Be sure to change your YouTube Setting to 720HD)