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    SSO with Google as IdP

      Good day all,


      Our company has “gone Google” and we now use Google as our Identity Provider (IdP) for all Single Sign-on (SSO)  implementations. I have been working to get ServiceNow Multi-Provider SSO (“multi-SSO”) working with Google using SAML 2.0. I’ve gone through the following prod. Docs in implementing in non-prod:


      Configure multi-provider SSO properties

      Create a SAML 2.0 update 1 SSO configuration for Multi-SSO

      Create and update identity providers

      Configure users for multi-provider SSO


      Essentially, I’ve finished all the configuration steps and obtained the meta-data for the Google IdP provided by our Google admins via xml file. I’ve attached a screenshot of the IdP settings produced from the xml.


      The issue I’m having is that ServiceNow is not not allowing login after the user is authenticated through Google. I get the following error (see attached screenshot):


      403. That’s an error.

      Error: app_not_configured_for_user

      Service is not configured for this user.

      Request Details

      • idpid=C0130ld7t
      • SAMLRequest=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
      • RelayState=https://nielsendev.service-now.com/navpage.do

      That’s all we know.”

      Does anyone know what some of the possible causes could be? Any help is greatly appreciated.


      Mario C. Soria
      Architect | Nielsen