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    am looking to create inbound actions rules that looks at the sender & subject line->incident

      I am hoping you guys can help me with this. I am receiving messages from a script that indicates there is a problem. and I need to recognize the issue and create a ticket for it.


      So what do I know...

      The sender will be unique but consistent.

      The subject line will consist of "xxxx issue (location): firstname.lastname@domain.com."

      The "location" will change.


      What have I done so far:

      I have in my inbound action rule the conditions to translate xxxx into the right category / subcategory. And that is working.

      The incident is being created.

      Caller_id has been loaded.


      What am I having issues with:

      I need to parse out location data from the subject line, assign it to the current.location and have SN create the ticket for the right team to complete using category/subcategory/location to make that determination.(i.e. category = email; subcategory = provisioning, location = New York City, assignment group should be = NY Local IT Team.)