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    Visual Task Boards - Restrict who shows up under + Add Members

      We have a very large database of users and we dont want all of them showing up when we want to add members to our Visual Task Boards. Is there a way to Do a reference qualifier or to somehow restrict a subset of users from showing up. Only a small number of our users need to show up under add members but it is difficult to find them amongst the thousands that are in the database. I was not able to find out so far if this was possible....Thank you in advance for any feedback.

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          Sachin Namjoshi

          Hi Bessam


          Add members interface will allows you to search for each member by display name, if you wanted to restrict members for your visual task board, you could write business rule.


          The Task board is backed by the following key tables:

          - vtb_board (the record for the board itself)

          - vtb_board_member (the relationship between a user and board)


          If you had something to constrain your business rule, perhaps something specific in the name, you could run a Business rule on insert of a "vtb_board" that creates the necessary "vtb_board_member" records.




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