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    Collapse/Expand Icons Missing in Service Catalog

      For at least as long as we've been on Helsinki (currently Patch 9a), the icons to collapse or expand container variables and variable sets have been missing on submission forms.


      If you look at the start of a container on the "Catalog Item" submission form, there's just blank space next to the header (though you can still click in that area to expand/collapse--it turns grey when you hover):


      If you look at the same place on the Requested Item form after submissoin, the icon is visible:


      I can't find any specific mention of this discrepancy in documentation/other posts, so I'm wondering if this is just expected behavior (or if we've screwed something up in our system). Thoughts/Recommendations?

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          Göran Lundqvist

          They are not working in Service Portal. If you go to docs and search for variable types, you can see container isn't supported by Service Portal and might not work as "before"... -> Types of variables


          Can read more about other things as well here: Do I dare to move from CMS to Service Portal




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            Ruchi Sakalley

            I was facing the similar issue in my instance on helsinki. I had it resolved as adding js_includes_catalog_v2 to catalog UI Page as mentioned below. This might help you as well.


            In the UI Page "com.glideapp.servicecatalog_cat_item_guide_view" add a css <g:requires name="styles/js_includes_catalog_v2.cssx" includes="true" />




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                Michael McCall

                Hi, Ruchi! I think you're on to something. Unfortunately, I don't have access to the problematic instance anymore, so I can't confirm that they were definitely missing the appropriate CSS file, but I can confirm that style sheets are being pulled into my current instance.


                Actually, it looks like my current instance pulls its style sheets from a script include:

                <g:requires name="styles/${new CatalogCssSelector().getVariableCss()}" includes="true" /> // resolves to "styles/js_includes_catalog_v2.css"
                <g:requires name="styles/${new CatalogCssSelector().getCatalogCss()}" includes="false" /> // resolves to "styles/sc_cat_only_v2.css"


                In fact, my original issue was from the "com.glideapp.servicecatalog_cat_item_view" UI page, but the style sheets appear to be identical in the "com.glideapp.servicecatalog_cat_item_guide_view" UI page (from your example). Pulling the style sheets dynamically through a script include is probably ideal for keeping your catalog item and order guide views synchronized.


                By the way, I'm not sure if including both "js_includes_catalog.css" and "js_includes_catalog_v2.cssx" in your UI page could lead to any conflicts, but I'm sure you'll find out, hah.


                Thanks for the reply!