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    Send an attachment with a scheduled report

      I'm trying to send an excel template with a scheduled report. I have found that I can add the attachment to the scheduled job and then add a hyperlink to that attachment, but I am finding only admin's can open the link and other users are sent just to a blank page. Is there a way to include an attachment file with the email from a scheduled report?



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          As far as I understand, you tried attaching the template to the Scheduled Report record. What if you attached it to the corresponding Report definition record instead? If you make that report accessible for the recipients of the scheduled report, they should also be able to view the attachment.

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              Alex Bones

              How do you add an attachment to a report?

              Methods I have tried so far:

              - attaching the file to the scheduled report and see if it should show up in the email.

              - creating a hyperlink to the attachment in the scheduled report. There seems to be security blocking access to the attachment.


              I think I figured out a way to get this to work. I created a knowledge article with the attachment and made the link to it open attachments. I added that link as a hyperlink in the scheduled email and it appears to working.