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    knowledge article not showing in serviceportal

      We have a knowledge article that is not showing in the ServicePortal.  The article in in the "general" category, but does not appear in that category (only 2 other articles in the category and they show just fine) in the ServicePortal, and cannot find it using search.


      Gone over everything short of retiring the article & republishing it (that would take some time).  No ITIL Role, meta is the same as the short description with underlines between words (i.e.: Use_Active_Diriectory_Password_Self_Service) Article is published, knowledge base is "employee"....


      What else could I be missing to make this work?

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          Patrick Schulte

          While the article may be published, is the Valid To date actually in the future? To my knowledge, you can have the article be published, but past the Valid To date. I think SP checks that by default.


          Can you see it in the non-SP Knowledge interface?

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            Wil Dobson

            I have some of the same issues are you are identifying here.


            • My portal has, as Patrick Schulte pointed out, the correct knowledge base in the portal configuration.
            • Users with an ITIL role can see the articles when on the Service Portal. A user with only the 'user' and 'approver_uers' role (cannot see the articles in SP)
            • When impersonating a user who can't see any categories for the knowledge base in the Service Portal doesn't get any results when searching (except for Social QA). However the Search Sources for the portal are 'Questions and Answers', 'Knowledge Base' and 'Service Catelog'.
            • The KB home page is 'kb_view2' (i'm on Jakarta btw). KB_View2 uses the widget 'KB Categories - DBv3'
            • My knowledge base is named 'IT Support'. It's in the 'Knowledge Base' field in the Service Portal configuration page.
            • the 'IT Support' knowledge base has a 'can read' of 'Any user', has Knowledge articles which are published.
            • the 'Any User' user criteria record is active and has no users, groups roles, companies, locations or departments specified.


            Our development consultant looked at it and saw the knowledge widget was hitting the knowledge category table which should include all the categories without issues, and suggested there may be an underlying read role issue in the ACL that might be causing a display issue.


            Now sure what my next step is to dig further.