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    Ask the Experts: Appointments and Reminders - TechNow Ep. 39


      Chuck takes a look at some hidden gems in the platform that have been in the system almost since the beginning. The Appointments and Reminders table are available to any table extended from task that can add some very useful features to your application without very little development effort. Quick tip: Display values on reference fields



      Originally aired July 20, 2017 12:00PM PDT 
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      Chuck Tomasi is a Platform Architect for ServiceNow.  He is a computer science major with over 30 years of IT experience. As a former ServiceNow customer, Chuck won the first Innovation of the Year Award at Knowledge 10. Since joining ServiceNow in 2010 as a Technical Consultant, he has done many large scale ITSM implementations and custom applications, acted as an adjunct instructor for Education Services, created and lead the Technical Best Practices program, and co-hosts the ServiceNow series “TechNow”.


      Dave Slusher has been developing software for 20 years for companies such as Intel, Orbitz, Dell Secureworks and many startups lost to history. He has been with ServiceNow for two years, first in Expert Services and now as the Developer Evangelist for the developer community and portal. He earned his BS from Georgia Tech and his MS in Computer Science from the University of Louisiana - Lafayette.



      Kreg Steppe is a Senior Curriculum Developer within ServiceNow developing and supporting cloud training infrastructure. He specializes in developing integration solutions, automating repeatable processes and Cloud Management in ITOM. Kreg’s prior experience includes operating his own ISP, developing web applications in PHP, network integration, managing network support, Application Development on cloud based networks, DNS and email server maintenance. He is a Linux enthusiast and enjoys Photography.



      Update 2017-07-20 (Chuck Tomasi):

      In response to the questions asked during the episode...


      A) The property used to allow/prevent click-through on the reference field "i" icon is glide.ui.reference.readonly.clickthrough. When set to true, the icon will appear and you can click through to the referenced record. When set to false, no icon appears.


      You can also use the dictionary attribute readonly_clickthrough as true or false on a field-by-field basis. This HI knowledge base article may also be helpful.


      B) Script for the inbound email action is attached to this article.