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    Be a Rockstar Developer with Xplore: Developer Toolkit

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      In this session we are introducing AppShowcase! - where we're featuring Whitespace Studios. Come find out why their Xplore is the most downloaded and highest rated free app on ServiceNow Share.


      The Whitespace Studios team loves ServiceNow developers.  In this session we'll teach you how to use Xplore developer toolkit to bring your development to a whole new level.


      Watch the Video and Post your Questions Below!


      We'll cover how to use Xplore to

      • explore server side and client side objects
      • test and debug code and objects
      • test regular expressions
      • explore tables
      • view logs
      Katherine Lewis  -  "A must have for any ServiceNow developer!"
             Cory Wesley -"You're coding with a handicap if you're not using this tool.  Good Job James!"



      James Neale & Tim Short


      James & Tim, co-founders of Whitespace Studios, are two of the most respected developers in the ServiceNow community. They've published two apps to the Store, co-created the most successful app on Share, and won 3 hackathons.  Together, they've built some of the most rigorous integrations in the ServiceNow space.