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    GRC users? (Helsinki)

      Hello! My company is making the transition from ITGRC in Fuji to the GRC modules in Helsinki. It would accelerate our learning if my team could connect to others who are users of the Risk, Audit, and Policy and Compliance modules. Are there any Houston GRC users? Or, do any of you know of other ServiceNow GRC customers who would be willing to make the connection? Thank you!

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          Michelle Murtha

          Hi Lisa -

          I have a few customers using the GRC module, including one that is in transition from Legacy GRC to new GRC scoped application.  I would be happy to meet with you just to review some of the key learnings we've had in our implementations.  This will also give me an opportunity to better understand your current implementation and challenges, so I can put you in touch with the client that I think can be the most helpful.


          Feel free to reach out to me at michelle.murtha@alcortech.com

          Good luck!  Michelle