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    Email from workflow based on CI



      I'm currently updating a workflow which handles 99% of our Application install requests from the catalogue. In the workflow, there is an IF activity which check if the CI for the Catalogue item is installed manually, deployed via AD, or a hosted browser application.

      For hosted application, I want to be able to send an email to the user giving the URL and explaining how to log in/access etc. Now I could create an event for every single hosted application but there's about 40 of them. Is there a way to create one event which uses the CI as a reference to decide which event to fire?



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          Derek Wada

          Hi Jonathan,


          If I understand correctly, it sounds like you would benefit from using a matcher table which holds information about each CI and its corresponding URL/login instructions. It sounds like you want to use an event to trigger your email notification rather than the workflow notification activity. For an event you can simply do a GlideRecord query to the matcher table and retrieve the URL/login instructions which you would return as event parameters.


          Let me know if I got your requirements wrong or if you need more clarification.



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          Derek Wada

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              Hi Derek,


              Thanks for the reply - I managed to figure it out before getting around to reading it.


              I've created fields in the Application Model table which have the Install type and URL (amongst other information). The workflow just reads the field and transitions to fire an event which then sends the notification email.


              Kind regards,