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    Event processing does not run at all on Jakarta instance

      Today I set up my Jakarta personal developer instance to try out some cloud management operations, however I just noticed event processing does not work at all on my PDI.

      When I see System Policy -> Event Log, I can see all the events from the beginning being "ready" state.

      My instance version is Build tag: glide-jakarta-05-03-2017__patch0-05-18-2017

      FYI, here is how I set up my PDI.


      1. Obtain new Jakarta PDI.

      2. Perform "reset and wipe the instance".

      3. Perform "remove demo data".

      4. Activate Cloud Management plug-in.


      Could you investigate and fix my PDI to make event processing work?


      FYI, this probably is the same problem? (not answered yet) -> https://community.servicenow.com/thread/273744?q=event%20process